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Brown Paper
Brown Paper

about Timeless Photography .. 

 I guess I've always had an artistic eye. I carried the first little digital camera my parents bought me throughout my high school years. 


I started my business in 2018 with the help of ELLA (Entrepreneur Latin Leaders of America) through TLACC (Tennessee Latin Chamber of Commerce). Ever since, I have been dedicating time to the thing I love the most, capturing timeless moments.


Where do I shoot/ take pictures?

I use nature around us  where we can breathe - get away from everything.

I use a portable studio for in home session and headshots. :)


about Mabel... :)

I've always been a hopeless romantic. I enjoy seeing two souls connect endlessly during a photo session. It is truly so special to me to capture these times through my lens. I enjoy seeing a couple giggle and laugh with one another as well as gently holding each other while gazing into one another's eyes. I may sound corny but I love it, lol.

I hope to get to know your love story and capture it as well. <3

Hey, its Mabel, :)

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